6 Speed SCL924 gearbox, without gear lever and reverse lock cable

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With the SCL90, SADEV has accumulated experience and success in recent years. To go even further and offer you an even more advanced product, our team of engineers has combined expertise and latest technological developments to create a new formidable gearbox: the SCL924. A very compact, strong, light and efficient product for high powered engines used in many applications such as GT, Off-road, Drift (...), while keeping overall cost in mind. Mission accomplished ! The SCL924 meets all these criteria and is now a reference in its category.

  • 6 speed sequential gearbox + 1 reverse gear
  • Manual sequential gear selection
  • Wide range of final drives available
  • Wide range of ratios available
  • Straight cut gears
  • Gear engagement made by dogs
  • Interchangeable gear ratios
  • High strength carburizing steel
  • Gear teeth grinded with optimized profile
  • Shot penning on internal parts
  • Specific input shaft
  • Hydraulic clutch bearing
  • Reverse lockout cable (solenoïd system optional)
  • Contactless gear position sensor
  • Flat shift sensor
  • Splash lubrication system
  • Fittings to connect external oil cooler
  • Oil suction screen
  • Magnetic drain plugs
  • Casing joint faces sealed with O'rings
  • Internal lubrication ramp
  • Directed and pressurised lubrication on the gears
  • Lubrication lines through the casing
  • Integrated oil pump
  • Painted AS7G aluminum casings
  • Inspection bungs (optional)
  • Output flange for Lobro, 1315 or 1350 joint, BMW flector
  • Weight (input shaft included) : 38 Kg - 83 lbs