5 Speed ST75 LW Gearbox With LSD, Without oil pump

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The ST75 LW has been designed in order to renew SADEV's bestseller with the updated manufacturing process. The new version of the ST75-14 allows SADEV to make a technological step forward and offers the most elaborated product of its range (oil pump, differential, ratios). The optimisation of the design of the casings allow SADEV to gain weight by keeping the same robustness, all at an unbeatable price.

  • 5 or 6 speed sequential gearbox + 1 reverse gear
  • Wide range of final drives available
  • Wide range of ratios available
  • Straight cut gears
  • Gear engagement made by dogs
  • Interchangeable gear ratios
  • Gear teeth grinded with optimized profile
  • Shot penning on internal parts
  • Specific input shaft
  • Limited slip differential (free differential optional)
  • Ramp and plate system - 3 discs type
  • Preload made by belleville spring washer
  • Wide range of ramp plates available
  • Reverse lockout cable (solenoïd system optional)
  • Contactless gear position sensor
  • Flat shift sensor
  • Splash lubrication system
  • Integrated oil pump (optional)
  • Oil suction screen
  • Magnetic drain plugs
  • AS7G aluminum casings
  • Weight (input shaft included): 32kg - 70lbs